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Mini Backpacking Stove

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Portability and Convenience 

Stainless Steel and Aluminum Alloy combine to create one of the lightest and most portable camping stoves on the market. The included carrying case further adds to the portability as it can simply be tossed in a bag without worry. 

Quick to Ignite and Consistently Strong 
Piezo Ignition system allows for the Etekcity Ultralight Camp Stove to have a quick ignition and a with a strong valve connection the flame stays consistent and strong even when adjusting from high to low settings.

Features & Specifications 
Accommodates up to 7"(18cm) diameter pot 
Output: 1.680 kilocalories / 1.94kW / 6.666 BTU 
Ignition: Built-in electric-spark ignition system 
Stove ba
se Material: Stainless Steel 
Support Material: Aluminum Alloy 
Dimensions: 3.15" x 2.36" x 1.81" 

Customer Reviews

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Benjamin Kiraly
Interesting item

Took me a bit to figure this one out but once I did thought it was really clever and like it a lot!